Welcome to Christ Covenant Chapel!

What is holding you back from being all that God wants you to be?

God has called us to live a life shaped by faith. He has chosen each of us to face and overcome our limitations and fulfill His destiny for us: to be the best version of ourselves, guided by His Word.

At Christ Covenant Chapel, we believe that the Gospel has a message of hope and purpose for everyone. Our church is a place for inspiration and action, rooted in that belief that God has a path for each of us!

We seek to build up a generation of believers, inspired by the word of God, to break barriers, create opportunities and transform the world around them!

Christ Covenant Chapel is here to support you on your journey of spiritual and personal growth; whether you are just beginning to learn about Christ’s plan for you, are seeking to return to the path, or needing more joy and inspiration in life, we welcome you to our church family.

5452 Dupont Ave N, Brooklyn Center, MN 55430
Church Office: (763) 516-7188